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Startup Branding: Plant Deep Rootsarrow

Publisher - Jeremy Miller is Brand Strategist, Speaker and the President of Sticky Branding Published -

Incredible brands are formed in their startup period.

Startups by their very nature are chaotic. They are creative hives of people experimenting, responding to customer feedback, and searching for scalable business models.

Startups have to continually adapt to grow into successful businesses. Eric Ries writes in The Lean Startup, “Every entrepreneur eventually faces an overriding challenge in developing a successful product: deciding when to pivot and when to persevere … Companies that cannot bring themselves to pivot to a new direction on the basis of feedback from the marketplace can get stuck in the land of the living dead.”

It’s hard to think about branding when a startup is pivoting, but this is a crucial stage in the development of the brand. The ethos of the brand is shaped at this early stage of the business.

Startups that clearly define their vision early on plant the roots to grow incredible brands.

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Planning a party? Try PercyVites!arrow

Posted on August 20, 2013,

Percy3D , a Toronto-based video personalization platform, makes party planning more fun, creative and easy with PercyVites. With beloved characters like Johnny Test and Caillou and a bunch of interactive themes, you can create the perfect invite to suit your next big celebration. And with Arthur joining the crew, the cast is continuing to grow! Now you can take clips from television's longest-running kid's animated series, ARTHUR and combine them with your own photos and party details!

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ShopGab Loves Percyvites arrow

It’s no secret we had a ball with the community of talented and inspirational bloggers at BlogHer’13. But with all the free swag to be had at the BlogHer’13 Expo, we took a break from workshops and meetings to scope out this year’s best products. Among our favorites was Percyvites, a line of personalized video invitations featuring beloved children’s characters like Caillou and Arthur.

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