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Incredible brands are formed in their startup period.

Startups by their very nature are chaotic. They are creative hives of people experimenting, responding to customer feedback, and searching for scalable business models.

Startups have to continually adapt to grow into successful businesses. Eric Ries writes in The Lean Startup, “Every entrepreneur eventually faces an overriding challenge in developing a successful product: deciding when to pivot and when to persevere … Companies that cannot bring themselves to pivot to a new direction on the basis of feedback from the marketplace can get stuck in the land of the living dead.”

It’s hard to think about branding when a startup is pivoting, but this is a crucial stage in the development of the brand. The ethos of the brand is shaped at this early stage of the business.

Startups that clearly define their vision early on plant the roots to grow incredible brands.

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Planning a party? Try PercyVites!arrow

Posted on August 20, 2013,

Percy3D , a Toronto-based video personalization platform, makes party planning more fun, creative and easy with PercyVites. With beloved characters like Johnny Test and Caillou and a bunch of interactive themes, you can create the perfect invite to suit your next big celebration. And with Arthur joining the crew, the cast is continuing to grow! Now you can take clips from television's longest-running kid's animated series, ARTHUR and combine them with your own photos and party details!

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ShopGab Loves Percyvites arrow

It’s no secret we had a ball with the community of talented and inspirational bloggers at BlogHer’13. But with all the free swag to be had at the BlogHer’13 Expo, we took a break from workshops and meetings to scope out this year’s best products. Among our favorites was Percyvites, a line of personalized video invitations featuring beloved children’s characters like Caillou and Arthur.

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Arthur joins the personalization party on PercyVitesarrow

One of TV’s longest-running children’s series Arthur has joined personalized video invitation service PercyVites – and a host of other licensed characters like Johnny Test and Caillou – to star in customizable short animated clips.

Using PercyVites’ month-old Percy3D platform, the classic aardvark character will be featured in 30-second customized video clips that include children’s photos, names and party information. Percy3D acquired the digital party product rights to the Arthur brand in a licensing deal with producers WGBH Boston and creator Marc Brown, and the clips will include content from the PBS animated series.

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A New Way to Be Inviting - Help We've Got Kidsarrow

I know that now that my kids are eight and ten and the Help! We've Got Kids book is in it's 20th year, I probably should be more jaded, but when something new happens in the kids birthday party world I still get excited. Not just excited, happy. Happy that the birthday party world is evolving and changing and updating to keep up with the crazy fast world we're living in.

That is how I felt when I first heard about PercyVites. As I've mentioned before, I'm always trying to be as eco friendly as I can, but you know as well as I do that kids birthday parties can really rack up the crap. One of the first things I did was eliminate the paper invites. It is so much easier to pull a list together, track and remind parents (what is with those people who never RSVP!?) via an electronic invite, so I made that switch years ago. However, most of the online invites aren’t really geared to kids and don’t have all the bells and whistles that we as party-planning-parents really need. Until now...

PercyVites – Invites That Delight And Excite! - Canadian Dadarrow

Posted on July 2nd, by Chris

My kids think the internet is hilarious. From Gangnam Style to obscure Super Mario videos, it has just about everything they could ask for. The one thing they love more than anything else, however, is to see themselves in videos. That’s why I was stoked to take PercyVites for a test drive.

PercyVites is a cool new website that allows you to send out video invitations, thank you’s and also lets you create photo compilations of memorable occasions. The best part about it, is that you get to be a part of the action, by uploading your photos to be included in the videos with your child’s favourite character. Parents can also manage all the part details by tracking RSVP’s, communicating with the attendees and map your party for the guests. Check out this short video that explains what PercyVites are all about!

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Welcome to a new patron: PercyVites! Invites that delight and excite! - a peek inside the fishbowlarrow

Posted by andrea tomkins 

Our kids pretty much grew up with Arthur. He was in our living room so often (along with his little sister D.W. of course!) that he was practically a member of our family. And it wasn’t just Arthur on TV. We had stacks of Arthur books too. And Arthur toys!

So when it comes time to plan birthday parties, it’s easy to see how a favourite character can be made a part of the special day. Imagine being able to surprise your son or daughter with a personalized video birthday invitation… starring a favourite character like Johnny Test....

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Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership Podcast Episode #27 – Julie Steiner, President of Percy3Darrow


Shelly Palmer chats with Julie Steiner, President of Percy3D. Percy3D is a video personalization platform that uses the same effects seen in movies to create individualized digital experiences. article - Digital e-vites | Interview with Julie Steiner, president of Percy3Darrow


Is it proper etiquette to send e-vites for gatherings and birthday parties? Social media trends suggest a resounding ‘yes.’ Social media communities are allowing people to acknowledge more birthdays than ever before, and tech companies are taking notice of the shift.

The Canadian Business Journal - January 2013 Edition - PERCY3D EXPANDS CAILLOU'S PRESENCE with New Digital Line of Productsarrow

Toronto-based Percy3D, an innovative new video platform that encourages people to create their own personalized video moments using the latest 3D visual effects, has acquired worldwide digital party product rights to the Caillou brand in a three-year deal with DHX Media.  Caillou is an educational Canadian children’s television series, based on the books by author Christine L’Heureux.